Generative AI
Chatbots for the Tourism Industry, a Multi-Faceted Benefit

4 Major Advantages Of Using AI Chatbot In Travel Industry The same feeling should resonate with the travel bot whenever someone converses with it. Understanding the wants and expectations of travelers is essential to all facets of the travel business. Utilizing an AI chatbot’s capacity to automatically follow up with clients is thus one of […]

How to Make a Chatbot in Python? Free Online Course

How to Create a AI Chatbot in Python with Kommunicate You can learn more about implementing the Chatbot using Python by enrolling in the free course called “How to Build Chatbot using Python? This free course will provide you with a brief introduction to Chatbots and their use cases. You can also go through a […]

5 Best Ways to Name Your Chatbot 100+ Cute, Funny, Catchy, AI Bot Names

700 Catchy Chatbot Names to Inspire You You need to respect the fine line between unique and difficult, quirky and obvious. And if your chatbot has a unique personality, it will feel more engaging and pleasant to talk to. What role do you choose for a chatbot that you’re building? Based on that, consider what […]

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